Lubricant Storage

We construct purpose built Lubricant Storage facilities to suit your needs.

We will fit out your lube store with any equipment you require to fulfil your needs. We will advise on equipment to ensure the best storage for the lifeblood of your machinery.

Equipment we install in our lube storage facilities typically consist of 

  • Loop filters to keep the oil in your drums in top notch condition
  • Convinient storage locations for your oil safe containers
  • Shelving for Grease cartridges and smaller items
  • Bunding for spill management
  • Pneumatic lines for in store compressed air
  • Storage hooks and fitments for keeping your tools and lube equipment well organised.

We can fit out a container should you want something that can be easily transported in the future, or if you simply don't have the room in your plant for a lube store.

We've provided Lube Storage solutions to big clients such as Carter Holt Harvey, and Fonterra. 

Pictures coming soon!


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