Resources to a business are what makes it work and without them business would grind to a halt. We realised that to meet our clients’ needs we had to be able to provide the necessary resources. These split into the following groups:


  • Capital - (onsite set up)
  • Invoicing - (single month end)


  • PRELIM Technicians are chosen because of their knowledge, initiative, enthusiasm and the right attitude to do a professional job.
  • PRELIM Management have the skills and knowledge to cover the wide range of issues that managing an industrial maintenance company requires
  • PRELIM Supplier companies are professional organizations with people that have a strong technical base to enable to them to properly support the products and services they provide


  • Manuals - (EHS, Inventory Handling, Procedures, Lubrication Systems)
  • CMMS - (computer modeling of site in MAINTelligence)


  • PALL PCM - ( PCM 400W and PCM 130 for Cleanliness Monitoring)
  • Filtration, Electric x 2 - (3 phase portable with PALL coreless filters)
  • Filtration, Air x 2 - (air operated portable with PALL spin on filters)
  • Transfer Pumps, Air - (38 mm Aro Diaphragm, 25 mm Aro Diaphragm, 19 mm Wilden)
  • Thermography - (IRISYS IRI4010 camera)
  • Patch Filter Portable - (ISO 4406 Cleanliness Code)


  • Cleanliness - (ISO 4406 Cleanliness Code)
  • Patch Filter - (ISO 4406 Cleanliness Code and Wear Debris Analysis)
  • Water Saturation - (PALL WS04)
  • Temperature - (Comark N9001 Thermometer for calibrations)
  • Flushing - (Bottle, tin flushing)
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