Prelim is committed to making a change in maintenance by using new technology as well as cheaper versions of older more expensive technologies. We will bring our Prelim Technicians and our clients into the current century of ideas, practices and procedures and make them as efficient and as productive as possible.

Prelim uses a world class CMMS program called MAINTelligence to model client plant which can then be linked to handheld Pda bar code scanners that reads bar codes attached to each asset. This allows our technicians to manage the entire data process

  1. Asset modeling
  2. Maintenance instructions
  3. Safety procedures
  4. Work Order management
  5. Plant Inspections
  6. History capture and reporting
  7. Instigate Work Request
  8. Capture improvement opportunities CIP’s

The same Pda handhelds can also be used to run various diagnostic tools such as IR temperature guns and vibration analysis accelerometers.

There are many technology tools available to the heavy engineering maintenance technician and Prelim aims to use as many of those tools as possible in Predictive Maintenance. These include thermography cameras, cleanliness counters, vibration data collectors, laser alignment and oil analysis equipment.

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